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Losing The Arctic Sea Ice

is the Greatest Threat to All Life

We have already lost 75% of the Arctic Sea Ice to the Ocean and it is getting worse everyday. Temperatures are rising fast in the Arctic Region.

The Arctic Sea Ice once represented up to 50% of the Cold Winds entering the Mesosphere. This is no longer the case and why the Arctic Region is now experiencing a temperature rise of 4 x faster than the Global average.

And because the Arctic Region does not have as much Ice as the Antarctica Region in the first place, it is already struggling to keep up it's job of bringing cold air to the Mesosphere from the North Pole.

This means the Mesosphere is already under powered by cold air from the Arctic Region and the result is the warming of the Planet. Starting with the Arctic Region.

And the Hotter the temperatures, the faster the remaining Ice melts. This also means less colder winds reaching the Upper Atmosphere to protect our Planet from the devastating heat of the Sun.

When there is no more Arctic Sea Ice in the Winter, there will be no more opportunity to replace the lost Ice. When this happens we will not only lose our Protection against the devastating Heat of the Sun.  We will also lose our cool Planet to Live on as well as our Life.

Arctic Sea Ice Loss

We Must Replace The Arctic Sea Ice

as soon as possible

Building 'The Global Shelf Ice Maker System' is the only way to replace the Arctic Sea Ice and we can do this by using 'The Global Shelf Ice Maker System' from Ships spraying the small particles of water high into the air as they move through the Ocean in areas below Zero in temperature.

We must do this quickly before there is no more area with cold enough temperatures. 'The Global Shelf Ice Maker System' only works in areas with temperatures below Zero.

We are running out of time fast.