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Getting the building of “The Global Shelf Ice Maker System” up and running is
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By introducing a Friend or Family member, this will give you many more Years
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Support us by becoming a Member to put your name on
our “Level Two” Climate Change Action Petition
in order to help us achieve the pursuit of the building of
“The Global Shelf Ice Maker System”.

Your participation in the Climate Change Action Petition
will eventually help to eliminate the Upcoming Major Problem as well as lowering
Sea Levels and Re-Stabilize the Climate for all Life on Our Planet.

Your Membership Support can be less than 4 cents per day
if you use the 30% off Coupon (MEM30)

I would like to Thank You for your Support in becoming a member
and I will see you inside the L-STET Social Network.

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  • As a member you will be joining and helping to lower Sea Levels and eliminating
    the Upcoming Major Problem that’s on it’s way right now.
  • Help create our World to become a safe place for everyone to Live a Good Life where
    there is no more Fear about an uncertain future on this Planet.
  • Help create a World that has complete control of Sea Levels in order to minimize the number of Major Disasters that are happening around the Planet each year.
  • Help create a World where you can actually plan for your own future again and know that your Own Individual Goals, Plans and Dreams can come true if you put in the time and effort.

Join our Team Now and play a Big Part
in Helping to make a Better Future for us all.

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