Our Air Conditioner for the Planet

The Permanent Ice at the Poles and the Ice around the World in conjunction with the rotation of the Planet are like an Air Conditioner for the Planet

This is the engine that perpetuates a constant pressure of cool air into our Atmosphere to protect our Planet from the burning Heat of the Sun.

Without enough Ice for the Arctic and Antarctica as well as the Ice on tops of Mountains and Glaciers to do their job properly, the full force and heat of the Sun will finally penetrate the Atmosphere all the way to the surface and the Planet will burn up !!!

Why 30% Loss will warm up The Mesosphere

This is an example of an extreme case of not enough Ice

Once we lose about 30% of the Permanent Ice at the Poles, the temperature of the top of the Mesosphere will change to an amount up to about one third of the temperature it is at the moment. Bringing the temperature up to about -63° C below zero at the start of the Process (top of the Mesosphere) instead of -90° C.

Since we know the Sun can penetrate about 22 miles in (with the temperatures starting at about -90° C ) and the Sun is still able to increase the temperature by 85° C, we can easily assume the temperature will reach a minimum of about 22° C above zero at 22 miles in, once we lose about 30% of the Permanent Ice at the Poles.

And because no cold air can survive at this temperature of 22° C above zero; this means the temperature will continue to increase until the full force of the Sun is penetrating the whole of our Atmosphere.

This is just an example, although the temperature of the Mesosphere does not have to be reduced as much as 30% to end all of Life on our Planet.

Just 1° C above Zero is all it Takes

Just 1 Degree Celsius above Zero is all it Takes

We Have Had a Buffer

Due to the fact that the Earth has had a little more Ice than what is needed to keep the Mesosphere cold enough to have the Cold Air falling to reach the surface over the last couple of hundred years, it had given us a buffer.

This buffer has almost gone and maybe as much as a 30% Loss of Ice from the Planet is not needed for the temperature of the Top of the Mesosphere to lose just 6° C in temperature to bring the start of the Mesosphere to be at -84° C instead of -90° C

We Don't Have to Wait for a 30% Loss

Because if the bottom of the Mesosphere reaches just 1° C above zero, the Stratosphere and Troposphere will no longer receive cold air from above and within a few days to a week the full force of the Sun will penetrate to the surface of the Planet with temperatures of 121° C up to 1,500° C or higher.

Although it is also fair to say that it will probably become a lot hotter than this 1,500° C on the Earth’s surface, because the Atmosphere is not thin near the surface. In Basic Physics; The more gas there is to heat up, the hotter the temperature becomes.

No Warning and No Retreat

Everything and All Life will Burn Up and Perish

If the bottom of the Mesosphere does reach 1° C above zero, because we haven’t replaced enough of the Ice at the Poles in time, the Planet will burn up quickly. This will be the End of all Life on the Planet !!! Everything and All Life will burn up and perish including us within a few days to a week.

There will be no warning when it happens and no retreat, just the end of all Life. We won’t know what happened, we will simply be gone.

We are running out of time and we need to replace the lost Ice at the Poles fast. I don’t know exactly how much time we have left, because apparently I’m the only scientist on the planet who understands these things at the moment.

And I don’t have the money or resources yet that I need to do the research in this department; It is going to take a lot of donations by people who support me before I can do the necessary research I need to do and no other scientist is doing the type of research we need to understand this end game better either.

Because for some reason that I don’t understand, most other scientists believe that Net zero Carbon Emissions targets will actually lower the temperature of the Atmosphere and as a result are not looking in this direction.

They actually believe it is the Coldness of Space that keeps the planet at a cold enough temperature.

This is a serious miscalculation on their part and it will see the end of all Life on our Planet if we continue to listen to them.

We must take control of our lives, we must take responsibility for the Planet and we must replace the lost Ice as soon as possible.

The Coldness of Space

does not have Rays of Dark and Rays of Cold

What the leading scientists don't understand is that The Coldness of Space is not an Active Force. It cannot penetrate our Atmosphere like the Sun. The Sun has Rays of Light and Rays of Heat to penetrate our Atmosphere.

In order for The Coldness of Space to penetrate our Atmosphere, scientists must believe that The Coldness of Space has Rays of Dark and Rays of Cold.

Are they really that naive? Can they really not see how stupid this is? Can they really not see how this is just a childish thought of Wishful Thinking ?

Their Mathematical Equations that they believe in so much, has stopped them from having the ability for independent thought.

They can no longer see anything else other than their Mathematical Equations. Common Sense is no longer a part of their lives.

In reality, The Coldness of Space is simply a place where heat and matter has not penetrated yet. Matter must be present in order for heat to exist. And matter can be as simple as a molecule of Gas.

Heat can only come from the Sparking caused by Magnetic Distortion and if the heat of a Star is not in the Area, there is no heat available to heat up the matter and what is left is The Coldness of Space.

The Coldness of Space is not an Active Force. It cannot penetrate anything. It is simply there because of a lack of Matter and Heat.

Not a Thermocline either

If these leading scientists think that the Coldness of Space penetrates our Atmosphere because of a thermocline, then they don't understand much about physics. A thermocline must have a medium to pass through.

Since the Thermosphere only has scattered particles there is no solid medium for a thermocline to happen between the Thermosphere and the Mesosphere. Also, since The Coldness of Space is not an Active Force then there are no Rays of Dark or Rays of Cold entering our Atmosphere at any time.

Our so called leading scientists are 100% Wrong.

What I have described about the Atmosphere is the way it works, and this is why we are in so much serious trouble. The Ice is melting fast and the Clock is Ticking. We are running out of time fast and no one knows about it !!!

Mother Nature is in Critical Condition and should be in Intensive Care.

Mother Nature is saying without reserve, if we can’t repair her by replacing the Lost Ice, we will lose the right to be here; we will lose the right to continue to live on this Planet. Remember, there will be No Warning and No Retreat.

When it happens, we will simply be gone.

We Must Replace the Lost Ice Quickly !!!

The Final Extinction Level Event

A Massive Disaster in Disguise

Trying to achieve Net zero Carbon Emission Targets beyond all else is a Massive Disaster in Disguise. Losing just 30% of the permanent Ice on the Planet will already have created The Final Extinction Level Event. Because there is no way to survive a 30% loss of permanent Ice.

This is a No Win situation and we do not want to be a part of it. We have to
avoid this at all costs. If this happens, if we only have 70% of permanent Ice left...

“All Life on the Planet”
will have already Perished sometime between 2030 - 2040 !!!

If you doubt this, take a flower pot full of flowers and go to the edge of a Desert where it’s hot at 9.00am in the morning and stay and watch what the Sun can do to Plant Life in just one day in a place where there are no cool winds to lower the temperature.

This will be a small scale viewing for you of what will happen to the entire Planet as more places get warmer without the Rain and Snow or Cooler Winds to keep them cool.

Deserts are Proof Positive

Deserts are Proof Positive that the Sun doesn't need an access of Carbon to heat up the Surface. Deserts have been around for Millions of Years long before Carbon was an Issue.

Deserts exist because the Cold Air falling from the Mesosphere does not reach these areas because of turbulence in the Atmosphere moving the Cold Air to other Places; due to mountain ranges or other factors.

We must build “The Global Shelf Ice Maker System”

When the temperature of the bottom of the Mesosphere reaches about 1° C above Zero, the cold temperature of the Stratosphere and Troposphere will be gone within 3 to 5 days bringing the full force of the heat of the Sun to burn up all Life on the Planet.

We must build “The Global Shelf Ice Maker System” quickly and replace the Lost Ice as soon as possible because this is the only Solution that can save the Planet for the future. This is the only Solution that can replace the lost Ice around the World and stop the Planet from burning up !!!

And we need to get people to learn about it quickly before it’s too late !!!

All Donations will help us to Get Started

We will be building 400

Global Shelf Ice Makers to get started

We can't wait for the Politicians to come around and finally get their act together to save our Planet in time.

It is our Goal to start the process and build 400 Global Shelf Ice Makers to start replacing the Ice in the Arctic Sea and The Antarctica as soon as possible. 

Reality Check

This Major Problem is on it's way here Right Now !!!

  • Total Time Left is between 10 years to 20 years !!!
  • Actionable Time Left is Less than 6 years to start Replacing the lost Ice !!!
  • Every day delay will cost us a little more of the Upper Atmosphere Protection !!!

The Planet will burn up if we Fail to Save it !!!

No more Snow reaching below 1,500m

Over 160 Ski Resorts have closed down in France and the Alps over the past 10 years

Once I learned that the Snow is no longer reaching below 1,500m (5,000 ft) in some places around the Planet, but is still falling above this height in those same places, I instantly knew that the cold air created by the Ice at the Poles was not getting as cold as it used to be and as a result, is no longer sufficient enough to do it’s job effectively.

It is clear that the pressure created by centrifugal Force bringing the cold air from the poles to the Mesosphere no longer has enough cold air (which is cold enough) behind it to continue to fall low enough to make Snow lower than 1,500m in some areas.

This will continue to happen in more areas around the Planet as well as increasing in height as more Ice melts and today the Arctic is already in serious trouble with temperatures increasing as much as four times the global average.

The top of Greenland which is 2700m high is already experiencing a lack of snowfall.

Due to increasing temperatures combined with a lack of enough Ice, the Ice at the Poles is slowly losing it’s ability to continue to do it’s job normally.

We Must Replace the Lost Ice Quickly before it's too Late !!!

The Ice is Melting Away, Breaking Apart and Disappearing

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Personal Message from David Parkes

We must get Serious to Save our Planet

I didn't want to be the person who is bringing this bad news to you. Unfortunately as a scientist, once I came across this knowledge I didn't have a choice. Because apparently I am the only person who is in possession of this Knowledge and if I don't do it, it won't get done in time.

I know there are some politicians out there who think they know best and would say they want to protect the people from knowing about this Major Problem; and they would use the excuse that they don't want the people to Panic.

In reality, we don’t have much time left to save the Upper Atmosphere and this Planet of ours and we must get serious about it.

We need people to know about this in order to get "The Global Shelf Ice Maker System" built and made operational in time to save our Planet from the Mesosphere dying. We have to replace the Ice as fast as possible.

If we get the support of the people, then they are supporting the solution to be built and made operational. This is a good thing. We can save our Planet in time if we act fast.

We cannot let the Mind Games of a few politicians to get in the way of us saving the Planet just because they think it looks good in the media. We are in serious trouble and the whole World needs to come together to fix this quickly, because there is no other way.

We are running out of time fast and the Mesosphere Dying is not going to stop coming and it will completely destroy our Planet, without a combined and joint Worldwide effort.

Everyone has to know about this and it will be a criminal act and a Worldwide Fatal Mistake if this knowledge is kept from the People of the World.

The people of the World have to stop fighting each other and come together as one team to stop the Mesosphere from Dying and completely destroying our Planet.

If we want to have a future on this Planet, we must finally overcome our differences and work together as a team, come together as One Family.

My Family - Your Family - Our Family – One Family

People of the Earth

No Super Hero Available

This is Not the Movies

"I Robot"

In the movie "I Robot" no-one believed Will Smith about the up coming disaster until it was too late. The disaster came and it was only because Will Smith was a Super Hero, he was able to save the day and save their way of Life.

"Deep Impact"

In the movie "Deep Impact" the whole Planet was about to be destroyed when a few individuals gave up their life to save the Planet, because these people were Super Heroes and did what they could do to save everyone.

"Real Life Upcoming Disaster"

In this Real Life upcoming disaster, (with the Mesosphere Dying) there are no Super Heroes available.  I am a scientist and I have knowledge to save the Planet in time if I get the help and support I need soon enough.

I am not a super hero. I do not have the ability to save the Planet with Magic. I am a normal guy who needs help from both you and everyone in order to save the Planet in time.

This is not the Movies. There are no second chances here and if you wait for the last minute to jump in and support me, it will be too late.

There is no easy way to say this, I have to come right out with it and give it to you straight.

This is Real Life, not the movies. Either Support me soon enough or prepare yourself and your Family for bad news.

Because I am the Only One Fighting to save the Mesosphere and our Planet in time, there is No-one else and there are No Super Heroes available.

We either Live Together and Work Together to Save
the Upper Mesosphere in time or we Die Together.

These are our only Choices...

Please Choose Wisely


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