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Global Warming is the Temperature of the
Atmosphere warming Up

Climate Change is made up of the “disaster”, “destruction” and “devastation” that is happening around the Planet today.

Such as…

  • The Ice melting in many places around the World including the Arctic and Antarctica
  • Rising Sea Levels all around the Planet
  • Tidal Flooding in many Places Worldwide today
  • Beach Erosion
  • A larger number of Major Storms happening Worldwide
  • Droughts causing Hundreds of Millions
    of Climate Refugees
  • Wild Fires like never before seen on this Planet
  • The List goes on and on …

Climate Change is already here today !!!
It’s not something that “might” happen in the future.
We missed the train on that one a long time ago !!!

A Perfect World

Achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions is only part of the Solution !!!

In a Perfect World, achieving Net Zero
Carbon Emissions would be great.

However, in today’s World, it is lacking a little bit
because at the same time we are trying to achieve it …
we are also allowing the devastation and destruction from
Climate Change to continue and destroy more of our Planet !!!

Someone has to stand up and say that this is not acceptable !!!

Why are the Politicians allowing any devastation to continue when
we already have the answers and ability to stop it all from happening
by using “The Global Shelf Ice Maker System” ?

Question – What do you think ?

Should we do something to eliminate the “Causes” of the
“disaster”, “destruction” and “devastation” that’s happening
around the Planet today because of Rising Sea Levels ???

Or Should we continue to only be concerned
about achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions ?

Let me know what you think by sending me a Message here …

We Must Fix Up Our Planet Now !!!

Most politicians are focusing on the Wrong Things to fix up !!!
They can’t see the Trees for the Forest !!!

We Have an Opportunity to Fix up our Planet Now !!!

We have an opportunity to save coastal Towns
and Cities from being lost to Storms and Tidal Flooding.

We have an opportunity to not spend $Trillions of Dollars of Tax Payer Money on building Sea Walls to try and stop this Tidal Flooding from inundating coastal Towns and Cities around the World.

Allowing the Real Problems to Continue !!!

Most People can’t see that only trying to achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions by itself is taking our efforts and energies away from
the Real Problems of the damage of Climate Change.

Most People including Politicians around the World are
allowing the Real Problems to continue and get worse because
of their desire to achieve these Net Zero Carbon Emissions at all costs.

And the Politicians around the World are doing this
because that is what they think the people want.

The Politicians are only doing this because they are being swayed
by the media coverage of people talking about Carbon Emissions
as being the reason Climate Change is happening.

But this is Wrong !!!

This is 100% False Information !!!

And one of the biggest problems is that the people
being listened to don’t see the big picture. They only
see what they want to see in order to get 10 minutes of Fame.

In the Bigger Picture !!!

Carbon Emissions caused Global Warming not Climate Change !!!

The “disastrous” Effects of Climate Change
that are happening Right Now in many places
around the World are getting worse every day
and they are heading us toward a future
that will end Life as we know it for many people !!!

And I’m not talking about a 7 to 10 metre rise in Sea Levels…

Just a Six Foot Rise in Sea Levels around the World will cause a
Chain Reaction that will hinder and in many cases stop us
from repairing most of the “damage” being created
by Massive Storms such as Hurricanes and Cyclones !!!

This is because the higher the Rise in Sea Levels
the worse the Storms become and they also
happen more often and in more places !!!

The Science

When the temperature of the ocean reaches 27 degrees
and there is a high enough swell in an area of the ocean near
the Equator, with the rotation of the Earth around it’s Axis,
this creates a low pressure in the atmosphere which then creates
the perfect conditions for Hurricanes and Cyclones to form.

In the near future: As Sea Levels both rise because of the
melting Ice and increase in temperature because of Global Warming…

When the temperature has reached a level where it is always
above 27 degrees, that high enough swell could happen on a daily basis,
and not just one season per year as it is now.

Exactly how many Hurricanes and Cyclones will be
created when this happens is anyone’s guess.

This is the “disaster” that the Politicians won’t tell you about.
Because no-one is listening to the scientists who mention these facts.

Politicians don’t want people to panic. So between what the scientists
tell the Politicians and what the Politicians tell the people,
it is better for the Politicians if they make the numbers smaller than they should be, but not large enough to panic people.

Try this scenario

Imagine what will happen when a Hurricane
the size of Katrina hits New Orleans with an already elevated
Six Foot Rise in Sea Levels.

This will not only be the Total End of New Orleans, it will
cause many other problems yet to be discovered.

It does Not have to Be This Way !!!

We Can Stop this from Happening !!!

We Have to Stop this from Happening !!!

We Have to Stop it Now before it’s too Late !!!

This is only one example, but there are many places
around the World that will also experience this massive devastation
from just a Six Foot Rise in Sea Levels !!!

We Have toStop it Now before it’s too Late !!!

We have to concentrate all our efforts and energies
on fixing up all of the Causes of the actual “disaster”, “destruction”
and “devastation” that’s happening around the Planet today…

Politicians Heading in Wrong Direction !!!

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“The Global Shelf Ice Maker System”

Needs Your Help to Achieve it because…

The Politicians around the World
are heading in the Wrong Direction;

And without “The Global Shelf Ice Maker System”
in operation, Planet Earth will not recover.

Help us to Convince our Politicians

We need your help to convince our Politicians around the World that spending $Trillions of Dollars of Tax Payer Money over the next
30 years or so and eliminating up to 60% of existing jobs
just on trying to achieve these Net Zero Carbon Emission Targets…

Will Not Stop the ongoing and continuing
“disaster”, “destruction” and “devastation” of Climate Change !!!

We have to Convince our Politicians to Use
“The Global Shelf Ice Maker System”
instead of putting all our eggs in one basket
by only trying to achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions !!!

This “is” the Answer…
The Solution to Eliminate Rising Sea Levels !!!


The Global Shelf Ice Maker System

The Only Solution that can Save Our Planet !!!


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Get Behind it and Support it
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All of us must get involved and
Convince our Governments to Build it.

Our entire Planet needs Our Help to make
“The Global Shelf Ice Maker System” Happen !!!

This is Not a Drill !!!

Planet Earth is at Def-Con 2 !!!

The Enemy to Planet Earth and “Our Way of Life”…

is the desire and determination of Politicians and groups
around the World to only try and achieve
Net Zero Carbon Emission Targets at all costs !!!

Planet Earth needs our Help to Survive !!!

If You Care about the Future of Our Planet !!!

Help us to get
“The Global Shelf Ice Maker System”
built and operational !!!

This is Your Chance to get Involved, Participate and
Stand up to help Save the Planet we Live on from…

the very “Bad” decisions that our Politicians
are Making Today on their inaction against stopping
Rising Sea Levels once and for all !!!

And choosing instead to build temporary Sea Walls,
which is an ongoing major expense long into the future !!!

Help Us to “Convince” the Politicians of the World to stop this Nonsense of only trying to achieve Net Zero Carbon Emission targets combined with building temporary Sea Walls and to actually Save Our Planet for the “Future of All Life“…

by using “The Global Shelf Ice Maker System” !!!

Get Involved, Participate and Do it Now !!!

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